U.S. Industrial Sales Contacts

Direct contact information for Benshaw’s Industrial Sales team is listed below:

Nick Suto | Manager – Systems and Services
Email: Nick.Suto@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-756-2239

Kevin Rice | National Sales Manager
Email: Kevin.Rice@Benshaw.com
Mobile: 606-316-9057

Jim Clarke | Aggregate Industry Manager
Email: Jim.Clarke@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-951-4471

Territory Sales Managers (Industrial Sales)

Brad Engelman (CO, IA, KS, MO, NE, ND, SD, WY)
Email: Brad.Engelman@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-910-3126

Hollis Robinson (TX, LA south of I20)
Email: Hollis.Robinson@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-209-8970

Jim Clarke (DE, eastern MD, NJ, NY City, eastern PA, VA)
Email: Jim.Clarke@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-951-4471

Joe Cox (AK, ID, MT, N.NV, OR, UT, WA)
Email: Joe.Cox@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-654-0844

John Kelly (Eastern KY, western MD, OH, western PA, south western VA, WV)
Email: John.Kelly@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-459-8636

Ken Minkowski (IL, IN, MI, MN, WI)
Email: Ken.Minkowski@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-295-4296

Matthew Robinson (FL, GA, NC, SC)
Email: Matthew.Robinson@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-910-3141

Patrick Bates (AZ, CA, HI, southern NV, NM)
Email: Patrick.Bates@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-459-8635

Scott Preston (CT, ME, MA, NH, NJ, upstate NY,RI, VT)
Email: Scott.Preston@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-290-2077

Troy Guffey (OK, TX, LA north of I20)
Email: Troy.Guffey@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-609-2942

Jeffrey Lee (MS, Western KY, YN, AL)
Email: Jeffrey.Lee@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-707-7769

Kevin Rice (MX, Unassigned, House)
Email: Kevin.Rice@Benshaw.com
Phone: 606-316-9057

Inside Sales

Bob Penwell | Inside Sales Manager
Email: Bob.Penwell@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-756-2240

Tom Olson | Inside Sales
Email: Thomas.Olson@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-756-2177

Service & Support

Ron Burkhart | Service Supervisor
Email: Ron.Burkhart@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-756-2265

Paul Federoff | Technical Support Specialist
Email: Paul.Federoff@Benshaw.com
Toll Free: 1-800-203-2416 x 1260
Direct: 412-756-2272

Brian Barrett | Technical Support
Email: Brian.Barrett@Benshaw.com
Phone: 1-412-968-0100 x 1298
Direct: 412-756-2273

Carl Dengler | Tech Support
Email: Carl.Dengler@Benshaw.com
Phone: 412-756-2238