Ball Mill Positioning with Benshaw Medium Voltage Soft Starter and LV VFD.

Ball Mill Control

Ball Mill Control

Benshaw offers a range of rugged, reliable medium voltage soft starters and drives that are ideal for ball mill control applications.

Benshaw Products for Ball Mill Control


Benshaw’s Medium Voltage Soft Starter supplied with a synchronous excitation package (SEP) is the ideal replacement for traditional electro-mechanical starters used for ball mill starting and positioning. As one example, a Benshaw MV starter was used to power a 4160 VAC, 1250 HP ball mill motor (see video below). When the motor is near full speed, DC field excitation is applied. The motor then synchronizes and continues to operate as a synchronous motor at its rated speed.

Combined with a Benshaw low voltage (480V) VFD used as a inching inverter, an equipment operator can smoothly rotate the ball mill and bring it into the proper position for the periodic maintenance inherent in all ball mill applications. Retrofitting with a Benshaw medium voltage soft starter with synchronous excitation package for starting … and a Benshaw low voltage drive for inching … we can substantially reduce the mechanical stress on driven equipment, eliminate high inrush currents during start, and provide the added benefit of reducing ball mill operational costs and maintenance time.

Ball Mill Control White Paper

Benshaw’s Ball Mill Positioning white paper identifies major problems associated with ball mill positioning in industrial applications, and our unique solution. Contact us today to discuss your application!


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