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Benshaw Solves Challenging HVAC Drive Installation Issues

The Problem

Expansion of a Cryogenic plant in West Texas required installation of a 3500 HP, 4160 V medium voltage drive. Utilizing conventional all-indoor MV drive solutions available in the market made building a new PDC and bearing its high costs inevitable; eventually challenging the project feasibility.

Benshaw Solution

Benshaw’s M2L MV Drive allows for separation of major components–transformer, rectifier, inverter. Providing a solution with an oil-filled transformer and a specially engineered NEMA 3R rectifier, both installed outdoor, allowed the end user to install the inverter in the existing PDC with no impact on HVAC capacity. Other benefits included:

  • Small footprint – No need for a new PDC, resulting in significant cost savings!
  • Outdoor installation of transformer – 50% Smaller indoor footprint, 60% HVAC capacity reduction.
  • Outdoor installation of rectifier – Minimized footprint, granting project feasibility.

The end user was so pleased with the result of this project, both in the performance and reliability of the solution, that they have used Benshaw’s M2L MV drive on additional projects.

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