Benshaw Applied Motor Controls

Dual Transformer Feeder with Isolated Disconnect

The Problem

Transformer feeds were needed for two individual loads, space was limited and the customer needed maximum protection for two separate applications. Being a critical process, one system must always be running.

Benshaw Solution

Benshaw was able to provide a dual transformer feeder with isolated disconnect using the same rugged and reliable product design, built in one smaller package.

The enclosure consisted of two distinct isolated compartments for medium voltage. Standard combination transformer feeds were supplied with two individual load-break/fault-make disconnect isolation switches. Individual Class E current limited fuses were provided along with individual vacuum isolation contactors for shunt protection, as well as a feeder protection relay. It was installed in one enclosure with two flange mount disconnects, which provided lock-out/tag-out of each system. Each section provided a low voltage section, and Benshaw was able to provide on, off, fault indication, and meter readouts. Additional protection included ground fault protection using CT’s in each section.

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