New Motors and Drives eBook

eBookBenshaw partnered with Control Engineering to produce a Motors and Drives e-book that covers basic and practical topics related to motors and variable frequency drives. Featured articles include when to swap or upgrade a VFD, managing multi-vendor motion control architectures and more.

Motors and Drives in Commerical and Industrial Buildings

Medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs) are quickly becoming a defacto standard for motor control in commercial and industrial buildings.

Both new and old (VFD replacement) medium voltage variable frequency drive applications reap the benefits the latest generation of these intelligent devices bring. For example, a replacement VFD may be needed due to damage from a power surge, or because a 20-year-old motor and drive combination isn’t compatible with the building’s current management system and remote monitoring is crucial for the application. New applications, on the other hand, are likely upgrading from older, obsolete motor control technologies.

In either scenario, replacing motors and drives may not be as easy as merely swapping units, powering up and walking away. But the task can be relatively straightforward when you know what to look for and how to properly go about sourcing and specifying motors and drives for the specified application.

Topics Covered

Topics covered in the ebook include:

  • VFD: Swap or upgrade?
  • How to select a motor for an industrial application
  • The latest innovations in the medium voltage variable frequency drive market
  • Benshaw M2L Drive: Power cell replacement
  • Why things break: Just the facts
  • How to manage multi-vendor motion control architectures
  • Low-priced medium voltage drives can have long-term costs

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