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Synchronous SSRVS vs ATL’s

There are many variables to consider when choosing to start a Synchronous motor with a Solid State Reduced Voltage or Across the Line Starter.

Synchronous motors can require a large amount of energy when accelerating to full speed, and often have low starting torque or can draw high currents until the field is applied. The Solid State Starter can be used to reduce the inrush currents and limit the torque, which can cause damage. The reduced current can reduce the voltage flicker or sag on the electrical system, and reduces it from disturbing other connected electrical equipment. By limiting the torque it also gives the mechanical system a gentle startup to reduce the torque associated with an Across the Line Start for conveyors, belt drive systems and gears. When used on pumps, it is used to eliminate pressure surges seen in piping systems when fluids change directions rapidly. The Solid State Starter also contains integrated motor protection, metering and communications.

Depending on the application, system requirements and cost for both the initial startup and the cost over the life cycle of the system must be examined when choosing between Synchronous SSRVs and ATLs.

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