Benshaw M2L Series Medium Voltage Drive

Benshaw Variable Frequency Drive Offers Unmatched Installation Flexibility

Benshaw’s M2L MV Series variable frequency drive is specifically designed to offer greater versatility during installation and easier integration in a wide range of motor driven systems … making the drive easily adaptable to your application’s unique requirements. The versatility of the M2L drive family enables various installation configurations to help make M2L MV Series drives suitable for use in different environmental conditions. The end result is significant cost savings and a reduced total cost of ownership.

Benshaw M2L MV Variable Frequency Drive

M2L MV Variable Frequency Drive Topology

The installation flexibility of Benshaw M2L MV Series drives is provided by an unmatched system topology that allows for separation of the main components; Transformer, rectifier and inverter. Opting to install the transformer outside creates an opportunity for significant financial benefits resulting in minimized total cost of ownership.

Some of the additional benefits of Benshaw M2L VFD’s include:

  • Use of existing DC supply
  • Use of existing transformer
  • Direct supply (transformerless) from generator
  • Practically no limit on distances (remote transformer and rectifier)
  • Smaller indoor equipment footprint and weight (~50% reduction)
  • Lower HVAC capacity requirement (~65% reduction)
  • Inverter power supplied by only two cables


Electrical Solutions to Mechanical Problems

Benshaw is widely recognized as a leading provider of variable frequency drives and other applied motor control technologies. We thrive on complex applications and work diligently to bring cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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