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Variable Frequency Drives on Booster Pumps

Pressure booster pumps will essentially add pressure to a facility’s water supply system at times when the water main’s pressure is not sufficient. Most industrial, commercial, and large facilities require pressure booster pumps to supply adequate pressure to water supply sources, maintaining a constant pressure throughout the entire facility.

The Problem

Variable Frequency Drives on Booster Pumps.

Benshaw Solution

The Benshaw SG Variable Frequency Drive Series can be added as an alternative to using pressure control valves. This saves energy and eliminates cost and maintenance. VFD-controlled pump systems offer pressure control with energy savings and the ability to match the flow consumption profile without waste. Systems with multiple pumps deliver variable flow requirements at BEP range. A controlled system allows precise control of the discharge pressure. Other advantages include:

  • Flexibility to electronically control (no oversize/ undersize concerns)
  • Soft starting of motors (no motor cycling issues)
  • Smooth, controlled performance ramp up/ down (less mechanical problems/maintenance)
  • System turns itself on / off


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