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Smart Motor Brake Stops Band Saw in Less Than a Minute

The Problem: Blade Wear with frequent replacement causing lost production time.

Operations needed to change the band saw blades several times daily. Before the blade could be replaced it needed to decelerate to a complete stop. This typically would take 30 minutes which resulted in costly down time, and costly replacement of the blades.

Benshaw Solution: Benshaw designed a system to replace the across the line starter using the MX2 soft starter in combination with the SMB – Smart Motor Brake. The saw stops in less than a minute, and also adds the functionality of an emergency stop. This allowed the user to:

  • Reduce the initial current inrush
  • Eliminates mechanical stress placed on the system
  • Applies D/C to the windings of the motor to apply braking for quicker stopping times
  • Reduces mechanical cost of the overall system


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