Benshaw Applied Motor Controls

Benshaw Retrofits

Keep your reliable working equipment while upgrading performance, protection, and features of your motor controls by choosing to retrofit with Benshaw.

Full equipment replacements can become a CAPEX nightmare with space constraints, new wiring, and project overruns. Total project costs can be significantly reduced by upgrading only the components with enhanced performance. Benshaw provides a full range of retrofit options for upgrading any type of starter or variable frequency drive, from simple controls upgrades to full turnkey packages. Benshaw has experience retrofitting solutions from all major suppliers of industrial equipment, has emergency retrofit kits available, and provides support for legacy products.

Retrofit benefits include:

  • Increased expected lifetime of equipment
  • Capital costs for retrofits are much less than full replacements
  • New technology improvements enhance efficiency and performance
  • Improved safety standards for arc flash mitigation
  • Enhanced system reliability
  • Improved availability of spare parts


Electrical Solutions to Mechanical Problems

Benshaw is widely recognized as a leading provider of applied motor control technologies. We thrive on complex applications and work diligently to bring cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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