Energy Efficient Pump Control

Energy Efficient Control of Pumps

A recent trend shows a significant push toward using variable frequency drives (VFDs) for improved pump efficiency, particularly when throttling valves have been used to control flow. However, there is increasing evidence that for many pumping applications where real-time flow control is not necessary, VFDs are not the most energy efficient solution.

Focus on Efficiency

Energy Efficient Pump Control

Improving the efficiency of pumping systems is an important focus for many industries and applications. When you consider that almost half (45%) of the electricity produced globally is used by motors, and a large portion of these motors drive centrifugal pumps, it’s no wonder why: Efficiency gains result in significant reductions in total energy use over time, dramatically lowering operating costs and environmental impact.

Benshaw has developed a new white paper titled “Energy Efficient Control of Pumps” that aims to examine variable frequency control versus cyclic control, within systems that do not require real-time flow control. Our goal was to establish which applications are more suitable for each particular method of control. Click here or visit the Benshaw Document Library to view/download this document.


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