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M2L Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives

Benshaw’s state-of-the-art Modular Multi-Level (M2L) MV Drive product family is the latest innovation in medium voltage variable frequency drive market. This patented product is designed and developed to enhance reliability, improve safety, and reduce the total cost of the ownership.

The M2L’s architecture differs radically from other multi-level systems in the market today. The drive consists of three independent components: a standard multi-pulse phase-shifting transformer, a standard multi-pulse diode-based rectifier, and a modular power-cell-based multi-level inverter. This modular system arrangement creates tremendous installation flexibility, greatly reduces arc flash energy and substantially improves reliability.

The M2L system design reduces both the number of transformers secondary connections and rectifier components compared to other technologies, reducing the number of potential points of failure. The design also eliminates the need for a bulky common bank of capacitors for energy storage and filtering, as well as input filters. Fewer components and connection points contributes to increased reliability. Reliability is further enhanced by the use of highly-dependable components, including LV IGBTs and film capacitors in the inverter which makes the M2L inverter the only power-cell-based inverter in the market that utilizes film capacitors (others use electrolytic capacitors).

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