Benshaw MVH2 Series VFDs

MVH2 Series VFDs

Benshaw MVH2 Series VFDs

Benshaw MVH2 Series VFDs provide full-size drive performance in a compact, rugged, NEMA 1 enclosure.

Benshaw’s next generation MVH2 Series medium voltage drive line provides an ideal solution for a wide range of commercial/industrial applications … in nearly every business sector. The drive’s space saving design is perfect for retrofit projects! Users gain the performance of a full-size, multi-purpose variable frequency drive in a small footprint layout.

In addition to it’s compact design, Benshaw MVH2 Series VFDs utilize cascaded H-bridge multi-level and overlapping wave technology for low harmonic content and a nearly perfect sine wave output. We use the latest in phase-locked loop technology to adjust drive output, providing soft start capabilities, speed control, energy savings and intelligent control of any MV induction or synchronous motor.

The main controller chip uses TI’s TMS320 F28335 digital signal processor (DSP). This device has 150 MHz high-speed processing capability, a 32-bit floating-point processing unit and six (6) DMA channels, supporting ADC, McBSP and EMIF.

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To learn more about our MVH2 Series VFDs, download our MVH2 Series brochure, or visit the Medium Voltage VFD section of our website.

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