Benshaw M2L Series Medium Voltage VFD

Medium Voltage VFD Provides Major Cost Savings

Benshaw M2L Series Medium Voltage VFD

Among the most important features of Benshaw’s M2L Series Medium Voltage VFD System are its patented topology and inherent flexibility.

Unlike most medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs), the M2L Series’ unique topology allows you to separate the isolation transformer and mount it in a different location from other major components of the VFD system. And since the rectifier in the M2L Series can be in a separate cabinet (as they are not integral to the power cells like most other MV VFDs) it can be remote mounted along with the transformer. Both (rectifier and transformer) can be installed outdoors, away from the VFD power components that are installed indoors.

As an example, a Benshaw customer operating a cryogenic plant in West Texas required a two motor 3,500 HP 4.16kV VFD for a pair of reciprocating compressors. The customer already had a large PDC building that housed other VFDs (supplied by Benshaw), including a two motor 1500 HP synchronous transfer VFD system, Benshaw MCCs and switchgear, and three independent 450 HP 4.16kV VFDs. There was also a pad mounted HVAC system along with power relays and other equipment in the building.

Once the initial equipment was installed in the PDC building, the customer decided to add the 3,500 HP 4.15kV VFD for their reciprocating compressors. They had approximately 12 feet of floor space that could be used for additional equipment, however, this would not be enough space to accommodate a standard 3,500 HP, 4.16kV VFD (from any supplier) with the associated synchronous transfer switchgear. There simply would not be enough room. An additional PDB building would be required along with another HVAC system, civil site work, etc.

Benshaw M2L MV Variable Frequency Drive System

Fortunately, the flexibility of Benshaw’s M2L Series Medium Voltage VFD saved the day! We provided the customer an M2L Series VFD system with separate VFD transformer and rectifier section – allowing these components to be mounted outdoors. There was enough room in the existing PDC building for the VFD power cells and controls section, and therefore no need for a new building or additional HVAC capacity. In the end, Benshaw saved this customer approximately $400,000 in additional equipment and installation costs. The customer was also able to save approximately $1.1M in additional HVAC load requirement over the lifetime of the equipment!

Want to learn more? Contact our applications team, or download our comprehensive M2L Series Medium Voltage VFD brochure. We can show you the advantages of specifying Benshaw MV VFDs … and demonstrate a return on your investment dollars!


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