Benshaw Training Session

Standing Room Only!

Over 30 independent reps and territory sales managers attended Benshaw’s recent sales and technical training seminar, which was held at our corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh last week.

Benshaw Sales and Technical Training Seminars

In-Person Training Resumes at Benshaw

Our latest comprehensive training event included two days of product sales training, followed by two days of technical training. These sessions were designed to provide in-depth commercial and technical ‘know-how’ to help Benshaw’s sales team provide world-class support for distributors, OEM partners and end user customers.

Topics covered during our sales training sessions included:

  • Control products – offering, where to sell, positioning, value proposition
  • Motor control basics – comparing ATL, RVSS and VFD
  • Low voltage soft starters – product families, how they compare, packaged solutions
  • Low voltage variable speed drives – product line, comparison, legacy products, how to select/apply, packaged options
  • Medium voltage starters – comparison, application specific overview, 2-high, how to sell
  • Medium voltage drives – M2L Series positioning, value proposition, selling considerations, qualifying opportunities and checklists; MVH2 Series launch plan, product range, positioning, selling considerations, qualifying opportunities and checklists
  • OEM capabilities and solutions
  • Sales and support resources – website (navigation and resources), webstore (user account setup, stocked items, drawings and technical data, collaboration tools)
  • Support and service requests (24/7 phone access, email, contact info, etc.)
  • Factory tour

Topics covered in our technical training sessions included:

  • Low voltage starters – technical features, starter selection, integration, programming, startup, troubleshooting
  • Low voltage variable frequency drives – technical features, drive selection, integration, programming, startup, troubleshooting
  • Medium voltage soft starters – technical features, starter selection, design considerations, integration, programming, troubleshooting
  • Medium voltage drives – technical features, drive selection considerations, integration, programming, troubleshooting

Better-than-Expected Turnout

Both new and seasoned members of Benshaw’s sales team were in attendance. The training seminar’s provided an opportunity to bring everyone up-to-speed on Benshaw’s current product portfolio … which has expanded substantially since our last seminar held over three years ago. Attendees were also introduced to a sneak preview of ‘soon-to-be-released’ products.

Continuous improvement initiatives … that’s what Benshaw 2.0 is all about!


Electrical Solutions to Mechanical Problems

Benshaw is widely recognized as a leading provider of applied motor controls and technologies. We thrive on complex applications and work diligently to bring cost-effective, advanced motor control and protection solutions to our customers. With operations spanning the globe, Benshaw now offers the broadest family of globally supported, globally certified, low and medium voltage soft starters in the industry.

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