CSXi Series Soft Starters from Benshaw

New CSXi Series Compact Soft Starter

Benshaw Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to our fast growing family of low voltage motor control solutions: The CSXi Series Compact Soft Starter.

CSXi Series Soft Starters from Benshaw

The Benshaw CSXi Series Compact Soft Starter is an enclosed chassis, low voltage motor control designed for easy installation, ease-of-use and built-in protection for three phase motors during operation. With a depth of just 6.5 inches, Benshaw CSXi Series Compact Soft Starters are ideal for applications requiring a low profile enclosure. Our new starter series also features constant current soft start and TVR soft stop technologies … which offer greater start/stop control and less stress on connected three-phase motors and other system components.

Benshaw CSXi Series Compact Soft Starters feature quick, simple set up via potentiometer settings. LED status indicators are included for soft start, soft stop, motor protection and more. The CSXi Series soft starter also includes an integral bypass contactor and flexible (horizontal or vertical) mounting options in vented or non-vented enclosures. Internal protection features eliminate the need for installing an external overload device.

Built-in Motor Protection

Built-in motor protection features include: Motor overload, phase loss, excess start time, phase sequence, current imbalance, motor thermistor, power circuit fault, supply frequency, instantaneous overcurrent, bypass overload, and communications failure.

CSXi Series Pump Panels: Elegant and Energy Efficient!

Benshaw CSXi Series Compact Soft Starters are also available in a convenient, prepackaged pump panel configuration. Benshaw CSXi pump panels are web stocked for same day or next day shipment. Each panel includes a circuit breaker, door operators and convenient indicator lights, providing a cost-effective way to add reliable soft start capabilities to any low voltage pumping application.

For fixed speed pumping applications, the CSXi pump panel offers exceptional energy efficiency … reducing energy consumption by as much as 80% when compared to a variable frequency drive.

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Benshaw is widely recognized as a leading provider of applied motor control technologies. We thrive on complex applications and work diligently to bring cost-effective motor control and protection solutions to our customers. With operations spanning the globe, Benshaw now offers the broadest family of globally supported, globally certified, low and medium voltage soft start solutions in the industry.

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